The Patrick Group at Mississippi State University

Welcome to the Patrick Group!

Our group conducts fundamental studies of gas phase ions and clusters and uses mass spectrometry and related techniques to help address societal challenges.
Ionic Liquids
Ionic liquids are used for many applications of societal imporatance, including as: fuels for spacecraft, electrolytes for batteries, and solvents for synthesis. Our group focuses on characterizing the clustering of ionic liquids upon electrospray and on investigating their decomposition products.

Cultural Heritage
Our group aims to apply fundamental gas phase analysis techniques (e.g., mass spectrometry, infrared ion spectroscopy, ion mobility spectrometry) to improve our understanding of molecules of interest to cultural heritage applications. Furthermore, we aim to use these techniques and new understanding to improve the detection and identification of such molecules. Currently, our focus is on isomeric dye molecules, since mass spectrometry alone is not sufficient for differentiating isomers, these allied techniques are especially important. We are also aiming to develop new ESI-MS based methods to analyze ancient bone samples.
Modified Biomolecules
Our group aims to apply complementary techniques (e.g., infrared ion spectroscopy, ion mobility spectrometry) to help identify and characterize post-translational modifications of peptides on a mass spectrometry-based platform. Such characterizations are important to understanding fundamental biology, as well as healthy versus diseased states. One specific interest is in sulfosite localization.